Valley of the Kings.

This is the second time I am trying to get this to post. I worked for over an hour getting some photos to upload, then when I hit publish the page, it froze. Now I will try and get it done. Also, not sure if the boat I take tomorrow has WiFi… I might not be able to post much during this coming week… Now we will return to our regularly scheduled update.

Tatooine is in Imperial hands now!

This is Hatshepsut temple, she was supposed to be buried here, but they were unable to excavate a tomb into the limestone so she is buried in the valley of the kings.

Hatshepsut with her beard, notice the strap so she can wear it?

A god in human form, but with cow ears. I do not remember her name…

Sunrise from where I am staying.

Largest temple complex built. Each king added more to it. Thus the middle is the oldest and the outer areas are younger.

Ram headed lions, I will let you see what that means!

Ram/Lion with the king who made it, this case Rameses.

Well that is it for today, it seems to have stopped working.

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