Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum is very good sized. Inside there are tons of artifacts, some still in boxes, statues in corners, it is quite crowded with objects. If one tried to read about every item, you would be there for millennia. Since I love Bastet and Anubis and Horus, I just wandered and took photos of things I liked. Not the best way to learn, but hey, I am done with school! hahaha. I am here to enjoy and learn some. Perhaps a guide would have been useful, but hey, I was just spending the afternoon enjoying my day.

The doorman at the museum. He is quite large.

This is the main hall in the museum. It is kind of laid out like a figure 8 with this being where they meet. There are two squares that you walk around that have alcoves and rooms along the way. In the areas behind the walls here is more area that has more stuff placed. Some in boxes not opened, some areas have ropes so you can not see everything. It is too much for the space in the museum. I think they said they are building a larger museum spot as this one reminds me of one from Indiana Jones time! haha

This is why I am here to see sarcophagus and wait for the mummies to come to life and give everyone mummy rot. Liches!

The reddish stone above is the top of this sarcophagus, It is behind glass so I could not get a great picture. This is the inside of the sarcophagus, what I found interesting is that if you look at her, she has stars all over her body, which resemble the stars in the pyramids that I saw the following day. As I was preparing the images, I could see the stars on her, and made the connection to the ceilings in the pyramids!

These are huge, you can see someone standing on the balcony to give you a size comparison.

Bast or Bastet, the lioness or cat goddess.

A large tablet with writing. Its carvings are quite detailed.

Looking up from the base towards the ceiling.

This one was not huge, but still large, Its detail is quite good.

A gold covered wooden sarcophagus. Again behind glass so I get some reflections which I don’t like.

A nice little tablet.

Another one this time with the sun. Beautiful.

This one is behind glass, so I get some reflection. Grrrr…

Maybe I will learn to be a stone mason so I can prepare my sarcophagus for when I bite the big one. If I was not LDS, I think I would follow the Ancient Egyptian gods… I get to take it all with me! bwahahahaha. I need a large chunk of red granite. Or Alabaster would be beautiful!

Horus protects! I wish it was not damaged, this is huge, but very nice looking.

So Horus, Anubis, and the Pharaoh walk into a bar… It is a very nice statue. I would think it is about 6 or 7 feet tall.

Snakes, why did it have to be snakes? – Indiana Jones

Very nice statues!


Yes, I want my innards in jars too!

The mummy room. It is amazing to see how well preserved they are after millennia of time.

I bought the pass to take photos, but was told I could not take them of the mummies, so I did not get any more. Seti was the last one I saw, no photos, but he was in fantastic shape. Truly amazing!

Behind glass, and some of the cases the glass is cracked, so it interferes with the image even more. Some the glass is very old and has waves in it. Like I said, reminds me of a museum Indian Jones would be in.

A hippo! There are no longer any hippos in the Nile in Egypt. That is too bad. But I think there are crocodiles? Maybe I will go for a swim!



Ah, Horus… Not a pigeon…

These are part of King Tuts stuff. There is so much gold in this area. It is amazing. I saw parts of these years ago as a kid. It amazed me then, it amazes me now.

Papyrus! Note to self, when buying papyrus, make sure it fits in your luggage. Now I have a tube that I am carrying that is too large for my luggage!!! duh… but boy it’s pretty! It’s not coming out of the tube until I get home! As I visited the papyrus shop, they show how they make it. I learned a few things. I had a little papyrus kit once but didn’t know you don’t use the outside skin, only the pulp inside. I also need a press to keep better pressure on it. I wonder if papyrus would grow in Utah?

The outside of the Museum. I went through three security gates to get in, then one on the way out.

Sunset on the Nile. I had a very late lunch that day and watched the sunset.

It was spectacular to see.

The view from my door at where I was staying.

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