Next time I will spend more than 2 days in Greece. I have been running around to see some sites and such, but there is just too much to see. Today I started early and went to the Acropolis Museum, which was very nice. But there is one section that photos are not allowed. Which is sad because they had some beautiful statues and artifacts there.

So I woke up to a little bit of snow here in Athens. It has made walking on the polished granite sidewalks a bit slippery! It must not snow here often as it has melted mostly, but people have been out with their kids taking photos.


Little snow on church

Parthenon and snow

Some bits of small pottery. It was cool to see all the different items they made out of ceramics.

A nice collection. Wish the tops were still on them. They are beautiful.

Mrs. Scarlett in the museum with a vase!

From very small to very large. Some were at least as tall as me.

I need to get a kiln and start throwing clay again!

I’m a little teapot…

I think this serves the same purpose as the one to the left. which is a little cooker. It keeps the cooking pot hot. I like it!

It’s official, I am in Athens!

A griffin handle. I like it! Need a large caldron to put it on. I happened to take this photo in the restricted area. I was told I was not allowed to take photos in this section, but they did not make me erase it. Mine! I asked why and the answer was that the way they are displayed, they do not want people who are trying to take photos, knocking into them…

One of the statues.

Some of the statues in the no photo area had paint on them. This was how they got the colors for painting the statues. I would love to see how one painted was back then.


This sat upon the top of the Parthenon. It is good sized, maybe 7 feet tall, maybe a little larger.

The Acropolis museum is on top of other ruins. They have an excavation site seen here. Who knows how many layers there are?

Another owl.

After leaving the Acropolis museum, took a little break then headed to the National Archaeological Museum (Athens). Small detailed gold items.

Bronze sword. I love the hilt.

The inlay on a bronze dagger. It is beautiful.

A long sword.

More gold jewelry. Amazing to see the details that went into each piece.

More statues.

A child riding a horse. I would like to have seen it back then. Don’t know if it was painted, but the eyes would probably have something in them.

The boy riding the horse.

The horse.

Different view.

The detail is amazing, though they have damage and are worn. Again, they must have been magnificent when they were new.

Bronze work on a chariot.

That is quite the bridle. It does not look friendly.

Debate on whether this is Zeus or Poseidon?

Compared to other statues, this one was kind of comical.

So many statues, so little time.

Snow this morning. I don’t think the plant likes it.

When I was flying to Athens, the clerk gave me an aisle seat, didn’t know I got preferred seat! Up front which was nice, made getting off so much easier, and getting through customs!

Lunch yesterday. The meat is stuffed with feta and tomato. It was spiced well and very tasty. It was just too much, could not finish. Had an appetizer of tzatziki it was thick! The way it should be, not runny.

This was good, think flan with caramel sauce. It was very good.

Heaven! Yes it is on Earth!

If I had more days in Greece!

This was a snack today, it’s Kibbe, its deep fried meat with pine nuts and spices. It was very very good. I might have to get more!

Little church I came across last night.

Tzatziki the way it should be!

There is a little dive of a shop, maybe 8 feet across, but deep, little counter and I ordered souvlaki they put it on a fresh grilled pita, asked if I wanted it spicy, they added the tomato-based sauce and tomato, onions, and sprinkled with herbs/spices. It was GOOD!

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