Scuba pictures and such

The dive instructor that I dove with sent me some pictures he took. These are the Red Sea by Eilat, southern Israel.

These will probably be the only pictures that I am in! You can thank me later! haha.

Me on the surface, the land behind me is Jordan. To the south of me is Egypt. South of Jordan is Saudi Arabia. All sharing this little part of the sea.

Mr. Spiky fish! Yes, that is the technical name. Genus: Spiky Species: fish. got it!

Under da sea!

Monster fish!

Red filter which gives a more natural color.

Little fishy among the coral.

Large coral formation with orange fish.

A beautiful coral reef!

notice with red filter and without!

Coral, fish, divers. It was great!

Close to the surface but a different world!

Colorful fish!

I like this photo! It came from above! a fish horror story!

Today’s lunch, lamb, pita, cabbage, onion, hummus, sauce. It was huge and Tasty!!!

Little pastry, cheese filling. sweet tasting!

oil lamps from different era.

It’s cool to see the difference in lamps. I like the little crusader lamp.

Filled up the fiat, it’s expensive! 153.94 Shekels for 26.4L so that is about 6 dollars a gallon… ouch!

Restroom in a gas station, it’s one room, with just different stalls. One sink behind me.

A crusader! Just need to ‘borrow’ it so I can go to Jerusalem!

A snack that one of my hosts left for me. corn puffs with peanut butter type coating.

corn puff type snack with chocolate filling, not bad tasting.

Cinnamon the cat, he decided he liked my bed and made himself at home. They had 3 cats all tabby’s. This one was a tank! large and heavy.

Banana milk! It is tasty!

I like this one.

Apple filled pastry, was good!

Ambulances are all this size. This one is a mobile ICU, other ones are white, but all are small compared to the ones in the US.

A fountain at the Ralli museum. It was free to walk through, had a lot of Salvadore Dali, not my favorite, but did have a couple of things I liked. Was not suppose to take photos, but the lady said I could take a couple with the iPhone. which is why I have the picture above.

Well, my time in Israel is coming to an end, I fly out early in the morning to Athens Greece. It has gone quickly, it is amazing to know that I have seen sites that I have only heard of. Some were moving and others not. Perhaps it is knowing the gospel and its teachings. It is not the location, but the message that is important, that changes people.

It has been interesting when visiting some places the number of buses that bring pilgrims to these locations. To watch them and listen to their message. Their beliefs in making these trips… For me it was interesting to see them.

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