I left the Sea of Galilee early this morning, the roads were fairly quiet as its Sabbath today. I wanted to drive along the Mediterranean sea, so I headed to the coast. Part of the drive was close enough to see it. I stopped at a little beach and took some pictures.

It was a rocky little area, but they were fishing it.

The waves were noisy! It was nice to sit and just watch and listen to them.


From here I drove towards Caesarea, my destination for today.

Caesarea, a port city that was very active during the time of Christ. Later used by the Byzantine Empire then the Crusaders.

Et tu? This is the theater, the stage area is no longer standing but the foundation is still there.

It is quite steep.

Wooohooo I got tickets to the Theater!

Top of a pillar.

The stone work is impressive, still after 2000 years!

A couple of other pillar tops.

Leaving the theater side and heading to the ruins of Caesarea.

On your mark!

To the left is the area that is red/yellow from the picture above.

Closer view of the stadium that the chariots raced in front of.

A better view of the chariot race course.

You can still make out the pool outline. It would have been cool to see it when it was still there. Palace and all.

They think this was the ‘place of hearing’ described in Acts 25:23. Perhaps Paul was heard right here, and then sailed to Rome?

The seawall!

Standing on the seawall and close to the edge, watching the waves come in!

Really didn’t get wet, but could feel the mist.

Welcome to Caesarea!

Looking out from the public baths. What a magnificent view!

I like mosaics!

Inside the public baths. Do you think that modern flooring will last 2000 years?

More mosaics!

Another view of the public bath works.

Flooring tiles.

They say this was part of the Tavern.

Looking at the other part of the Tavern.

Storage area near the tavern.

Stone Kitty box! Yes, I am serious. The cat was burying it.

Turns out the kitty was using a sarcophagus for its kitty box! 😛 hahaha


The remains of the aqueduct that supplied Caesarea.

It was amazing to see, to think that after 2000 years it’s still here.

End view

Aqueduct is secured! Though there is no water.

It gets buried by sand way back there.

A view through an arch.

A view of the Mediterranean next to the aqueduct.

End of the line.

A flock of birds flying by.

Nice day at the beach, what SPF do I need for my armor?

almost sunset

If you look at the center of the picture just below the horizon, there is a little bird making a dive into the water, it was diving in, repostioning above then diving agina. It was neat to watch.

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