More photos from different spots.

A barrier along the Israel/Jordan boarder. Someone has a sense of humor.

Sunset when leaving Jordan, This is New Petra…

Nice sunset while leaving Petra.

You can not drive around Masada, it’s not connected. Two separate roads. This is on the other side from earlier. Here you can see Herod’s palaces, the flat spots on the ridge. Below are cisterns.

Here is a good view of the Roman ramp.

The Romans had a siege tower at the top of the ramp to breach the wall. You can see people walking up the side of the ramp to the top. It is about a 30-40 minute walk to get to the top.

Masada top from the ramp side.

Water cisterns at the base of Masada. They were huge, and the water was carried up.

Judea desert with goats!

The Judea desert.

A different view of the Judea desert.

I have seen a few camels in the distance, but none along the road.

Lunch today, a little side salad, cabbage, cucumber, and tomato with a very light vinegarette.

The pickle was good, it was not dill nor sweet. The little green olives were great. The yellow peppers were pickled and were a little warm! and onion.

Hummus and very mild spiced chicken. It was okay. I would have like a little more flavor.

Leaving Masada for the last time. It was impressive to see and visit. It is one of the most visited places by Israel. It is very important to Israel.

The southern areas of Israel remind me of the badlands of Wyoming, and the slot canyons of southern Utah. Israel is a little larger than Box Elder County. But has 8.7 Million people compared to Box Elder with its 54,000

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