It is 73AD, the Jewish rebellion has been put down except here, Masada. The Roman X legion lays siege.

Looking down at the visitor center and people walking down the snake trail.

Masada is close to the Dead Sea.

Looking towards the Dead Sea from the top.

The community pool.

Byzantine Caves

A model of Masada showing the ramp the Romans built.

A different view of the model.

This little guy was not scared. He was about 3 feet away.

Part of the church ruins.

Another view towards the Dead Sea.

Standing on this end of the mesa, a group of visitors yelled their names, and the echo was amazing! It was cool.

One of the ruins of the Roman legions.

I could hear jets approaching, and a group of 4 flew by. It was cool as they were lower than the mesa.

Looking down towards Herod’s palace.

An amazing view from on high.

Middle palace ruins.

Part of the palace mosaics.

Partial painted wall.

Part of the complex with storage houses on the right side.

Part of the wall covering.


Looking out over the plateau.

Rebel housing.

Ruins of the Roman encampment. The ramp is just to the left out of the photo.

A different view of the Roman encampment.

Another small encampment.

The ramp, at the top you can see the Roman encampment. People are walking up the side of the ramp.

More ruins.

More building remains.

Not much left after almost two millennium.

Looking south of Masada.


No Rebels found. Continue search.

It seems abandoned sir. continuing search.

Kind of reminds me of my tour on Tatooine. But no Bantha or Jawa here.

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