From sea level to 5000 feet elevation, allows one a great view of the terrain of Jordan.

It reminds me of southern Utah, in that its box canyons. Here are some alcoves.

Here the priest came down and performed at the alter, lower left corner.

The alter has two blocks which allow for the right deity to work.

The Tardis in standstone!

Another block next to the first.

Amphitheater? Here is an area where the people could come for a presentation or whatever.

sandstone caravan

Though the legs are broken you can see the feet of the camel and his body above. The aqueduct is behind the statues

A view of the Aqueduct that supplied the city.

Coming out of the canyon, though not really.

You are not allowed inside, and it is not that deep within. They found two more graves at the fence. They are deep, the area used to be much loader.

Looking for someone, the name is Dr. Jones.

These are not the droids you are looking for.

It was fantastic to see.

Tomb at the base of Petra Treasury.

Heading back to Israel. It has been a busy day.

Happy New Years everyone.

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