Famine and Feast

Today I wanted to not be in the city, I wanted a still and calmness that only nature provides. The drive out was nice and you can see, it remindes me of Wyoming.

Timna Park, outside of Eilat. It is famous for being the earliest mines. Copper was the ore. It has been mined since about 6000 BC.

This is spiral rock, I walked back to the car, left and realized my glasses had fallen out. I drove back and searched. A little prayer and I stopped, retracing my steps and looked down, in the sand were my glasses… A miracle…

I found the plants don’t like me, they make my allergies go crazy. And since the dive yesterday, my head a little congested.

If you look closely you will see the carvings in the stone. Not the 10 Commandments, but what they did in 6000 B. C.

For sale add? One good condition chariot, slightly wet from the Red Sea campaign.

It was a good day to get out of the city.

All of the sides that came with the meal!!!

It was huge! A nice large piece of flatbread!

sautéed mushrooms over hummus, it was good, the mushrooms fantastic!

Lamb, the other tasty meat!

It has been a good day, though I am tired and sore.

3 thoughts on “Famine and Feast

  1. Miracles DO still occur and prayers are answered!!! Praying for your safety. So enjoy your site…keep up the beautiful travel log and pictures Mike it’s wonderful.


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