Diving the Red Sea

Today I arranged to go diving. It has been years since I have dived, and even then it has only been lakes and reservoirs in Utah. So when the opportunity presented itself to dive the sea, I took it. Of course I forgot my PADI card at home… Lucky I got an e-card from PADI so they had my diving credintals.

The dive shop! It was interesting as they had an armed guard at the entrance. He was friendly.

Boaz arrived at where I am staying and drove me to the dive shop. We found my gear and walked across the street to the beach. Got all situated and slowly headed out. I wish I had an underwater camera!

The only problem I had was every time I got next to the water it would part and I was left walking on dry land. It is the Red Sea after all! hahaha. Where is Moses when you need him.

After diving the Utah lakes I was amazed at the variety of life! We did a basic review of skills since it has been ages. Then headed out and just enjoyed the life. Here is what I remember of the fish I saw: Yellowmouth Moray – tail only he was trying to hide, Longfin African conger, Geometric Moray – a little one, Big blue Octopus – Amazing!  The color shifting devil, Djeddah snapping shrimp – ity bity, Banded Cora shrimp – ity bity in size, Devil firefish, Two stick sting fish, Bearded scorpionfish, Yellowtail surgeonfish, Indo-Pacific sergeant Lunar fusiliter, Bluespotted cometfish, Red-toothed triggerfish, Moses sole, Black longspine urchin, Yellowspotted burrfish, Fluted giant clam, Twoband anemonefish, Sea Goldie, and Purple-brown parrot fish.

I find it funny they had 5mm wetsuits and everyone had full suits on, and a lot had hoods, its winter here! I took a shorty suit and got myself stuffed in it. The water is warmer than most lakes in Utah, so I didn’t mind the water at all.

Lunchtime! First dive done and took a break and grabbed this. It is a type of grilled cheese with lettuce, pickles, and some sauce. It was good, and the cheese grills, but doesn’t melt.

I sat in the sun and dried. This is my hot chocolate! It’s winter! It is almost white in color, but once you stir it, the chocolate is at the bottom and becomes perfect! It was warm, rich, and not too sweet. It was a perfect cup of cocoa!

Enjoying the sun!

Dive #2 we headed out again and turned towards Eilat Coral Beach Natural Reserve. I had some problem with getting my ear to clear, I am having allergies to something in Eilat, not sure what, but I have a little nasal congestion. Now sitting here writing my ears are popping… Oh, the joys of congestion. I hope by tomorrow my ears will settle down. 🙂 The dive was great and saw more wildlife!

I realized how much I miss diving. Especially since I have seen the ocean!

End of the day, dives done, getting ready to head home. The sunset is beautiful.

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