Mahane Yehuda Market and Israel Museum.

It has been raining almost all day. It started this morning when after I arrived at Mahane Yehuda Market. It is fairly large, it is two streets that are parallel with little side roads between them, kind of like a ladder. It is mostly food items, veggies, fruits, bread, treats, sweets, meat, fish, cheese, etc. Has a couple of non-food places, but they are rare.

Trays of little baked goods. I wanted to try everything but refrained for the time.

I sat down and had a hot chocolate while the wind blew and it sprinkled.

This is filo that is baked. The filling was spinach I think? Whatever it was, it tasted good.

More filo dough this time with a soft cheese filling. Its flavor was a little tart and salty, which was a good contrast to the casing of filo.

The one on the left is a nut filling, the pastry is covered in a honey glaze, little sticky to eat, but well worth it! The right pasty is filled with poppyseed filling. It might look bad, but it tastes oooohhhh so good!

Enjoy your veggies!

These things are huge! They have their own gravitational field. Truthfully they are the largest pomegranates have ever seen. They are much larger than a softball.

Early morning and they are still setting up for the day.

More flavors of Halva than you can shake a stick at.

So many dates! The fruit was beautiful looking. There were so many varieties of things to choose from.

This loaf will last you a week!

Baklava in so many varieties. I will have to find a pistachio one next time I get to the market.

More baklava and such.

After having my hot chocolate and my little snack, I found the bus to the Israel Museum.

There was way to many things to see and read. I would be here forever if I tried to cover it all. Here is the condensed version:

I like these ‘coffins’. Not some box with nothing on the outside. These have a sculpture, a hatch to place the body in, and seal. Can be laid down flat or set up upright.

Just as long as what’s inside does not try to break out…

Prehistoric horns. Whatever it was, I do not want to ever have to face it. This was huge, I would guess at least 6 feet across maybe a bit more.

Stone masks. Things that I don’t want to find in the dark.

There was a wide variety of these, they all opened somehow, but this one was a bit different in how you accessed the inside.

Lamps. The ones in the back are just a disc that shaped to hold oil and wick with just the edges being bent. simple yet so practical!

Just what your horse needs! an ancient bit.

The way they have the lighting kind of makes it hard to get a good photo. Its light at the top, dark at the bottom. Cool looking!

One of the many books they have. One whole collection is in a dark room, which makes taking photos very problematic, but this one was out and had great lighting. I think our scriptures need to done this way! drawings!

Swords don’t kill people! Romans, Assyrians, Babylonians do!!

Kind of cat that guards your front door!

A +2 back scratcher or a scepter. Perhaps both?

An Alter for sacrifice. But its hewn stone…

A variety of spice boxes. I think a kitchen done with these spice boxes would be problematic, but oh they would look cool.

Though I posted this before, I was using an app and was testing how it worked. This is Shakshouka with warm hummus and a small side salad and 2 pita bread. I will have to find a recipe for this so I can make it at home.

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