Fatboy Walk’n

Stormtrooper! Taking the Holy Land! This is from Mary’s tomb. A church with lots of thuribles.

Jerusalem viewed from the Mount of Olives. The gold dome is where I was at prior to walking up here.

A zoomed in view from the dome towards the mount of olives.

Mount of olives view looking downward towards the dome.

Descending mount of olives back towards Jerusalem old city.

At the Dome of the rock. This is probably 4+ feet diameter at the top.

The area around the Dome is very large. The Dome itself is surrounded by large empty space.

Entrance view to the Dome. As I was taking some photos, the gal on the right was arguing with the older women to move so she could take her selfie shots without anyone behind her. I am truly amazed at how self-absorbed people are in getting their selfies. What poses they strike and such. Instead of waiting a couple of minutes to let the older women just move on, she walked straight up to them and not so kindly asked them to move.

As for the Dome itself, it is a very large building. It is quite beautiful with ceramic tiles around the top and stonework around the bottom.

Stonework from the bottom section of the Dome.

Tile work of one of the windows.

Backside of the Dome.

More tiles on the Dome.

Another side of the Dome.

The tile work is beautiful! One of the many windows.

One of the doors of the Dome.

A view of the western wall. It is interesting that it is split by a fence. Men are on the left, women on the right.

Another view of the wall with fence.

Walking to the wall. It is huge!

These guys surrounded a table and praying… They would all be talking and bending forwards and back.

From the picture of where the guys are praying around the table, there is an entrance to the left side of the picture, this is inside that entrance. The wall on the left is part of what Herod built.

Part of the structure built by Herod. It is load bearing without any mortar. It is all fit together and held by gravity.

I think I will quit wearing a baseball cap, I think its a beacon that screams American, American… talk and he will spend… haha. At the wall, I was led into the area where they are sitting or standing reading the old testament. This guy lighted and candle for me and said a prayer then asked for a donation… The story of the money changers come to mind… Anyway will see if his prayer for me comes true…

Afterwards I talked with him for a few minutes. He is reading exodus, asked about the little block on his head and the leather on his left hand that goes up his arm.

Someones paper stuffed in a nook on the wall.

Who knew?

And where she is buried.

Inside the church where she is buried.

Gethsemane. It is courted off so you can walk around the trees.

As I arrived, there are trinket sellers outside and taxi drivers trying to make a sale. It detracts from this place. But once walking around the collection of olive trees it is peaceful.

After seeing the wall, dome, gethsemane, and walking up the mount of olives I returned to the old city and got lost for a couple hours walking the little streets of Jerusalem. Little shops that line the little roads, one can pretty much find anything here.

One of the many spice shops!

That way you can season your food!

The Jewish quarter.

This shop has items, you donate to get the item, it all goes to support the IDF (Israeli Defense Force).

Lunch! It’s Pita filled with fried eggplant, hardboiled egg, veggies, and tehina. Its called a Sabih. It was very good! I think the eggplant was some I have ever had.

The little cookie on the left is date filled and soft. The one on the right is an anise cookie that is crisp. The bottle cap is from the malt drink at lunch, for size comparison, in the back huge dates and candied orange.

The dates are soft and huge. 2.5-3 inches in length. One of the best dates I have ever had! hahaha. The only date I have had in years… hahahaha and the cheapest. 🙂

This is a type of little orange that is candied. Just pop it in your mouth and enjoy. Sweet, citrus, orange. Translucent.

Israeli money.

The American Colony Hotel lobby, walked in and sat for a few. The cat has the run of the place. It sits, grooms, is petted, and owns the place.

It has been quite a day. Walked through a couple of other churches and wandered the streets, the bazaars and markets. Now to enjoy a cookie and get ready for tomrrow.

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