Innsbruck Photos

This is looking up towards one of the mountains. You can see the little building on the left.

View from the Inns river. To the right-hand side at the base of the mountain is an orangeish looking building that is near the tram station that takes on up to the building on the mountain.

Inside the crystal shop, these are huge, each of the gems is a little smaller than a tennis ball.

The stairs were a little trippy. Had crystal gems behind the glass, they reflected everywhere.

Altstadt market area. It has expanded a lot from before. A lot more commercialized.

This is looking away from the golden roof from earlier.

Looking towards the golden roof and Christmas market.

The golden roof.

Hard to believe that at one time, when I was young and very stupid, I got married here. Now that I am older and still stupid. What was I thinking! haha… Oh well, live, learn, earn the scars…

I was amazed to find pot being sold at the Christmas market! I guess it makes for a merry and munchy Christmas. (maybe this will be Utah in a couple years, they have let the camel stick its nose in the tent…).

Some of the ornaments I found. I like the ones at the bottom, a wire that is formed into balls that hold fragrant fruit and spices.

Clove and star fruit ornaments.

As much as I wanted to eat and try everything, just not enough stomach. These are some tasty dishes, from the left, kasespatzle (cheese noodle) think like mac and cheese, but much better! So much better. Spaetzle is a dough that is made from flour, eggs, salt, little water, which is then put through a special grader, like cheese, and drops into boiling water. cooked, then mixed with your cheese blend. It is tasty! Next to that is a potato salad, made with a little vinegar, speck, and fat. It is not healthy, but ohhh so good! Lastly is Kaiserschmarrn which is kind of like a pancake that is torn into small pieces and mixed with other stuff… doesn’t sound great, but it really is.

As I left Innsbruck, I drove up through Middenwald and Garmisch towards Munich. It was a pleasant drive even with the constant rain. It has grown so much since I lived in Innsbruck.

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