Goodnight München

My last evening in München prior to flying out. The last Christmas market prior to leaving.

They had a choir singing this evening, they were on the base level of the Rathaus. It was cool to hear them while walking the area.

Not as large as Dresden, but this one serves food and gluwein at its base!

Saint Michel’s church.

They were having mass inside St. Michael’s

U-Bahn exit. The Rathaus is on my left, the market is all around me. It has been fun to visit all of the Christmas markets here in Germany. Each is a little different, but their purpose the same. Lots of families with children walking the market, spending time together. It is a market, a social gathering, a time-honored event that brings them together… It was nice to walk through them…

Goodnight München it has been fun to see you at Christmas time.

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