Bayerische Münchner Brezn’

Today I went to Robinson’s home and made Pretzels! with Robinson and his family! It was great! Here is my dough slowly rising. =D

small piece of dough about to be rolled out!

One of my Brezn’ getting a bath!

Some of mine and others Brezn’ and why the shades are a bit different. Learning the right way to get that perfect color!

Another group of them baked!

Almost lunch time!

Weisswurst (white sausage) very mild sausage that you remove the casing prior to eating, the mustard is a sweet bayerische mustard. It pairs perfectly with the weisswurt! and my Prezel!

We tried rosemary on the pretzel with just a little sugar to caramelize it. It was very good tasting! Will definitely try this match up again!

I’m Certifiable, I mean Certified! Now that I am done writing this update, now to have another Brezn’ 🙂 Mahlzeit!

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