Aufwiedersehen Nürnberg

Stopped by the market last night, picked up an item and found dinner.

During the day, it was a lot more kids in groups. Evening, families arrive and young adults. It was very crowded around the Gluwien stands… they all park and drink.

I am stuck

Stop, go, red light, green light.

My iPhone defiantly does not take as nice a picture as my Canon, but I left it at home.


So this is a Kaki, persimmon. This is the size of them compared to raspberries or pear. I have never seen this type in the States, only the little ones.

bad lighting…

Pork and onion shish kabob. They are cooked in liquid, then served, covered with a tomato sauce, mild curry, and paprika powder. Little more sauce on top and served with a roll. It was very good. The curry is very mild, no heat, the paprika a hint of warmth and smoky flavor.

One of the U-Bahn stations

Each station has its own theme, design, and decorations. This one had large murals on the walls.

Heading home

A fairly empty U-Bahn, as most were heading towards the Market, me away.

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