Dresden Christmas Market

Visited the Christmas market in Dresden today.  I could have eaten myself into a coma with the great variety of food, treats, desserts, and drunken myself into a coma, if I were a drinker…

The market is split into different sections of the old city (Altstadt) This is AltMarkt (old market).

This is a candle tower carousel, it is huge.  It is by the main enterance to the market and a good reference point!  

Another view of the market, it is multiple little shops that hock their wares and people enjoy eating and finding cool little things to buy.  It was midday on Monday and it was fairly crowded.  I am sure that after work it s very busy.


A whole oxen on the spit, it is sliced and served on a rye bread.  It was tasty!

One Tasty Oxen sandwich 

This is by the Frauenkirche, little different design, but very cool!

Dresden Plum Guys

They use dried plumbs to make these guys and they are supposed to bring good luck.  They will keep you regular!

Wood carvings, a lot are laser engraved now, but some are still hand made.

As I was walking through the area of the Frauenkirche I came across the Midieval market, so I ventured in, it had lots of other types of stuff, more traditional.  But a Tavern that serves hot gluwein or glubier (spiced wine or beer that is served warm/hot).  Those in the hot tub just put their mug to the left side and it gets refilled!  Brilliant!  It was amazing to see all of the drinks they served… I did find a nice dark chocolate drink to have! it was great!

Roasted Chestnuts!  You always hear about it in the Christmas songs, but have you actually had one?  I found only one vendor selling them, my little bag of 150g was 5 euros.  They are nutty, kind of creamy, and warm!  I really enjoy them, so when I found the shop, I bought myself a little bag.  I ate part there, and am finishing them now as I write all this, reheated in the oven so they are toasty warm.  mmmm

This is on the side of a building while walking towards Frauenkirche from AltMarkt.  It is a left over from the DDR.  Hammers and Sickles…  

Well that was it for today, not sure what tomorrow brings… will see

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