Well, I arrived.  It has been a bumpy start, but hopefully from here on out it’s better.  Icelandair is okay but it’s not Lufttasana.  Read the fine print, I thought I had one piece of checked baggage, nope… Cha-Ching… 95 bucks to get my luggage here…  Meal is not included either… small Cha-ching… but they had Malz!!  It is their Christmas blend that has some apple/orange mixed it, it was good, very good…  Reykjavik airport is small but busy.  I got to Berlin around 1230 today, wait for luggage, go find the rental car, find AirBnB, get settled in.

So I open my luggage to grab some stuff, it’s not there.  When trying to get my luggage down to 23Kg, I think I pulled them out and sat them on the bed, which is probably where they are still sitting.  Duh… haha

There are two cats here, the black cat decided to play in the luggage, which I got it out of, it hopped up on the bed and peed on my blanket… Oh its starting off great!  Haha… 

Rental car, a Fiat 500, it’s small, very small… Luggage has to take the back seat as the trunk area is too small.

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